Earn to die 2 exodus

From the start, Earn to Die 2: Exodus is a game that presents a strong, immersive world of a zombie-ridden hellscape. This driving action adventure opens showing the player in the role of a man who, as a survivor of the apocalypse, desperately wants to get to safety. But, when he finds a small refuge from the legion of zombies going after him, he learns that the last elements of a survivor base in Florida are moving out for good. His only chance is to get to them before they leave and to do this, he needs to find a car.

From that point on, a full zombie driving mayhem ensues. The players start the game in their garage, where they can equip and upgrade their vehicle. For a start, the vehicle in question is a sand buggy. Here, it is possible to buy more fuel, armaments like rifles, engine upgrades and much more. The garage segment is exchanged for the action part, where the players are tasked with driving in the zombie wasteland and making it as far as they can. This is presented in a side view perspective, using clean and detailed visual design, which is a huge advantage that Earn to Die 2: Exodus has over any similar game.

Using simple commands to speed up or down, or spin the vehicle around, the players will need to run over zombies and approach obstacles in the best possible way so that they can cover ever bigger distances. With every run, the player’s score is calculated and they earn money, which they can spend back in the garage, buying additional upgrades. Even though the game can be learned in a couple of minutes, it will present a brilliant challenge for all those who love driving and action games. This factor becomes even stronger with the constant purchasing of upgrades and developing different rigs for driving across the zombie-infested world.

With some exquisite graphics, an excellent zombie theme, great music and sound effects and an addictive gameplay, Earn to Die 2: Exodus is a game that can provide players with hours and hours of fun and enjoyment.

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