Earn to die 2012 part 2

If you are one of those who believe that you are protected from the various weird creatures after conquering Earn to Die Part 1, you have reasons to have a rethink. You may not have quite overcome the zombies which may have made life miserable for you on part 1. In this Earn to Die 2012 Part 2 review we will try and find more about the twists and turns that this variant has to offer.

The Slaughter Continues

The slaughter which might have seen a temporary lull re-emerges quite strongly in the Part 2 variant. This is well and truly a great addition from Toffee Games. The locations might have changed and you could be moving around in a new vehicle. There also could be new enhancements. But nonetheless you would certainly have to encounter more number of zombies. They are all ready to viciously attack your vehicle and do all it takes to grind the wheels of your car as you plan your move forward. There are quite a few unexpected exploding barrels that you will have to encounter. Though there are keys which could help you to accelerate and beat these slow moving barrels, you would need quite a few efforts to master the same.

You also need to know the right speed at which you should accelerate, lest your vehicles tilts and tips over. You also must learn to use your fingers with the best of dexterity, as you weave your vehicle across the deadly terrains where the only think that is constant is danger. It also comes with more number of tough structures that have to be smashed by the players as they move forward. Though the vehicles are bigger and sturdier, they can easily get stuck in certain areas because of the nature of the terrain.

Hence there is hardly any doubt that if Part 1 was exciting and challenging, Part 2 will certainly make it even more difficult and test your skills to the hilt.

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