Earn to die super wheel

A superb update to the smash-hit zombie flash game, the Earn to Die: Super Wheel is definitely even better! It has gained popularity for being quite unique, far from your ordinary racing game and the typical classic undead killing sprees. Here, you drive your way through an overwhelming zombie apocalypse and dauntlessly moving through hordes of them along your path.

To start off, create a new game where you will be welcomed with a short animation of the story or campaign, and in the end you will receive a sum of cash for you to buy your very first car. Though everybody gets just the Small Hatchback at first, don't be disappointed because pretty soon you are free to choose the newest models of cars while merely enjoying the ride! Just keep on racing and smashing those zombies to acquire more cash rewards. There are bound to be tons of new vehicles to unlock, where you are capable of transforming each one according to your preferences.

Customize your vehicle by means of choosing among awesome upgrades, including no other than the spectacular, incredible, simply amazing Super Wheel! Upgrades primarily enhance what you already have, designed to make life's zombie challenges easier for you. You can work on your fuel tank to travel long distances and improve your transmission. Get new wheels along with better engines for nice huge boost and more cash from each race. Weapons like massive machine guns can greatly help to annihilate those zombies before they dare to even come close to your vehicle, and finally, don't ignore the propeller for utmost support when going uphill.

Sure enough, your main goal is to survive and emerge victorious in one piece in the Earn to Die: Super Wheel, but you have to be careful because it can be very addicting that you'll find yourself very busy upgrading and tinkering around your car. Make certain to get only the best to discard ll zombies and be the hero that saves the world! The challenge mode will be eventually unlocked once you finish the story mode.

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